• Drive Clean, Go Green
    By using electric vehicles, we help reducing CO2 in the atmosphere, a harmful gas to each of us health, which is mainly emitted in Tirana and beyond, by urban transport.
  • CCBS emergjenca covid19
    CCBS dhuron 6.000.000 Lek Për Shërbimin Infektiv pranë Qendrës Spitalore Universitare “Nënë Tereza” në Tiranë
    The announcement is only published in Albanian.
  • Cappy Cup
    The beautiful tradition of the Cappy Cup continues for the sixth year in a row nationally among elementary schools, with 1700 children from the cities of Tirana, Durrës, Elbasan, Korça, Fier and Shkodra participating.
  • The Green Project
    The Green Project is a continuity of several environmental oriented projects that CCBS has implemented.
  • The Cappy Playground
    Coca-Cola Bottling Albania, in collaboration with the Municipality of Tirana, for the fourth year in a row has organized various activities in the "Cappy Playground", near the "New Maternity" throughout the summer season.