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Coca-Cola is the most famous and best-selling refreshment in history, as well as the most famous brand in the world.

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All creatures love the freshness of Sprite.

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One of the many and fascinating beauties of Albanian nature.

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  • Real magic
    Christmas is magic when we share it. Discover the Christmas movie from Coca-Cola.
  • Together tastes better
    When the world stopped, we started again from what made us feel united: we rediscovered the taste of cooking and eating together. And today, more than ever, we want to savor those moments right down to the last sip. Because every time there is even more taste together.
  • Coca-Cola Bottling Albania presents new packaging, with 100% recycled plastic to an increasing circular economy
    Coca-Cola Bottling Albania launches its first bottles with 100% recycled plastic (rPET) in the Albanian market. Learn more.
  • Coca-Cola Zero 2020 poster
    Coca-Cola Zero, same great taste
    Original or sugar-free, Coca-Cola is the same excellent taste. Enjoy them both, one way or another.
  • Vodafone Smart Coolers
    Coca-Cola Smart Coolers
    With Vodafone Smart Coolers, Coca-Cola Bottling Albania is able to control product quality as well as monitor real-time sales at points of sale.
  • cappy cup 2019 finals
    Cappy Cup 2019 Finals
    The final game of the 2019 Cappy Cup takes place on 12.12.2019.
  • Behu Babagjyshi poster
    We become one with the magic of the Holidays
    This year we all become one with the magic of the Holiday Season! Have a look the latest Coca-Cola campaign. We can all be Santa.
  • Coca-Cola Summer Festival 2019
    (Shqip) Coca Cola Bottling Shqipëria e ndez verën flakë me ritmet shpërthyese dhe rrit adrenalinën me Coca Cola Summer Festival 3.
  • Cappy Cup
    The beautiful tradition of the Cappy Cup continues for the sixth year in a row nationally among elementary schools, with 1700 children from the cities of Tirana, Durrës, Elbasan, Korça, Fier and Shkodra participating.
  • The Cappy Playground
    Coca-Cola Bottling Albania, in collaboration with the Municipality of Tirana, for the fourth year in a row has organized various activities in the "Cappy Playground", near the "New Maternity" throughout the summer season.
  • Coca-Cola Summer Promo 2019
    Discover the Coca-Cola Summer Promotion 2019 Regulation.