Wastewater treatment - from theory to application
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The need and demand of the latest developments for having air, land, water and the clean environment as a whole has brought an obligation to sensitize and inform the general public and institutions with the ways how to act for each specific case in this multitude of problems in the country. Increasing the welfare and standard of living therefore brings consequences on the environment as a whole, which requires an immediate response to protect it and consequently the health, economy, tourism and lives of all citizens of Albania.

For years now, everyone has been aware that intervention must be made as soon as possible to prevent further deterioration of the situation, which would cause further problems in human health, damage to the economy, damage to tourism and reduce image of the country.

For the first time in Albania there will be a serious commitment to the treatment and wastewater purification. In cooperation and with the support of the Ministry of Environment, the company “EuroConstruction Company S.A” will organize a series of seminars aimed at awareness and interventions to address environmental problems. The main purpose of “EuroConstruction Company S.A” is to inform, train and introduce to authorized personnel the technologies and methods of waste treatment and environmental cleanup. As the topics and environmental issues are very broad, “EuroConstruction Company SA” will organize a series of seminars in the coming months, aiming to cover the entire sector, such as Wastewater, Solid Waste and Air Waste also purification of drinking water.

The company “EuroConstruction Company S.A”, in the first step it takes in Albania in these dimensions, on May 9 and 10, 2012, will organize the seminar on “Wastewater Treatment – from theory to application”. This event will be attended by leaders of all Regional Environmental Agencies, leaders of the Ministry of Environment, representatives of the Municipality of Tirana and other local units as well as representatives of companies operating in this sector.

Company executives say that this first seminar and others that will take place in the future, will be organized for free and the main purpose will be to inform institutions, media and all actors involved in environmental issues. During the two days seminar “Wastewater Treatment – from theory to application” will be presentations that will provide clear notions of wastewater, their types and estimates of the level of pollution they cause, the reasons why their treatment is done, different technologies as well as the benefits of the environment, citizens or business.

Also, part of this first series of seminars is the active participation of Coca-Cola Bottling Shqipëria, which is currently one of the first and only companies in the Republic of Albania that has applied water treatment plants according to this innovative and international technology.

Coca-Cola Bottling Shqipëria has been applying this technology with water treatment plants for several years. The benefits and advantages of plant application have been evidenced in the irrigation of trees and in general the transformation of this resource in the proper way in nature.

“EuroConstruction Company S.A”, in addition to topics on wastewater treatment and technologies, through presentations will provide a clear situation for the legislation that is in force in the countries of the European Union. Leaders of this company say that the role of the state, civic awareness and approximation of Albanian legislation with that of other countries is an important step that must be taken as soon as possible.  

“EuroConstruction Company S.A” has a clear vision for operating in Albania. Based on 35 years of experience, the company requires close cooperation with Albanian builders, in order for plant construction, project implementation, construction of necessary infrastructure and other works to be performed by local companies. According to the leaders of “EuroConstruction Company S.A”, this way of cooperation will specialize Albanian companies in a sector that has a future and will be a requirement of the country’s developments. In addition, this way of cooperation means that the financial profits from these works will not be transferred outside Albania. Demands to protect the environment in many countries are growing which very easily, through cooperation, could transform Albania not only into a country that successfully implements projects for environmental protection, but a country that will export technology and equipment. EuroConstruction Company S.A. has successfully applied similar cooperation schemes to local builders and businesses in many countries.            

Leaders of “EuroConstruction Company SA”, based on their experience in Greece and dozens of other countries say that interventions through legislation, institutions intervention, awareness of citizens, but above all interventions with technology and treatment plants of water, air and land avoid excessive costs in time and economy. We must prevent pollution, as this avoids both damage to the environment and the costs necessary to restore the environment to vital parameters.

“EuroConstruction Company S.A”

The group of companies “EUROMARKET” has started the activity in the field of Environmental Protection in Greece and abroad since 1978 with “EuroConstruction S.A” -specialized company and “Euromarket Ltd” a trading company. To date, E.C.C. has designed, built and installed over 450 plants in Greece and other countries, using tested, efficient technologies and having as main goal the optimal solutions techno-economic.

In Albania, the first Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant has been completed and operated successfully, for several years in the factory of “Coca-Cola” in Tirana.

To succeed in the above objectives, “EuroMarket Gruop” has established and operates with two companies, “EuroConstruction Albania”, which deals with the management of liquid and solid waste and the company “European Water Treatment” which deals with drinkable water purification for urban and industrial use.