A 65% reduction in the purchase of electricity from the grid to replace it with self-production through photovoltaic panels (with 516 tonnes less CO2 emissions – Scope 2 – in just one year), 74 100% electric vehicles for commercial team recharged with energy from renewable sources, more than 3000 hours of training for over 350 employees, the evolution of product packaging by reducing weight (- 9 tons of PET used between 2021 and 2022) and using recyclable and recycled materials as in the case of rPET (recycled PET) on the main formats.

These are some of the findings that emerge from the first sustainability report referring to the year 2022 signed by CCBSand prepared by Deloitte – which marks an important step in the path of transparency and continuous improvement implemented for several years.

“An official document that proves the solid commitment of our company in terms of sustainability and social responsibility – comments the president of CCBS Luca Busi – for us CCBS is more than an entrepreneurial activity: it is a reality that with strength and energy is driving change, since 1994. Our green initiatives have gone beyond formal gestures, beyond promises, becoming the foundation of our identity and guiding our every action. We are aware of the fact that the success of a company goes beyond its economic-financial performance: we want and must leave a legacy of good practices to the new generations”.

Since its birth in Albania, Coca-Cola Bottling Albania has promoted actions in favor of the environment through pioneering projects, with the hope that it will have contributed to setting new standards within the market: “Our environmental initiatives – comments Busi – as investments in photovoltaics, the use of 100% electric vehicles (for the commercial team in Tirana, Durazzo, Kavajë), the installation of fast charging stations in the cities involved, Green and planting trees, are just examples of the main elements of a daily commitment at all levels of the organization”.

Therefore, this report represents more than a simple analysis; marks a transformation towards a documented and proven approach: “We have built a development model that communicates with the entire supply chain and which we want to continue to advance in line with the evolution of Albanian society, combining the power of a global brand, the values of a family business and a local perspective. We are proud to announce – continues the president of CCBS – that our commitment is no longer just a statement: it is now supported by detailed reports and verified by specialized consultants. In this way we want to work better and better to combine the growth of our company with a pragmatic and concrete approach to sustainability. Only by knowing well the starting point can we aspire to always do better”.

With the best consultants at the European level – concludes Luca Busi – we are building a roadmap that will allow us to become among the first companies with zero emissions by 2030. A very ambitious path that has seen us work for several months and that will really mark an important turning point for us. My thanks go to our dedicated team, The Coca-Cola Company, the stakeholders we work with every day, and the communities we serve. In fact, only together we truly have the power to shape a sustainable future.”